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Razer launches the Softminer. Mine with GPU and get Silver

Razer, the well-known gamers company that sells high-level headphones, mice, and keyboards, has launched a new program called Razer Softminer connected to a crypto reward mechanism.

Razer SoftMiner - Rewards for gamers
Razer SoftMiner – Rewards for gamers

Silver miner. Earn coins to spend on gaming

The Softminer tool starts to mine automatically the GPU when the PC is idle and rewards the player with a new crypto token. The reward, however, is not Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Monero but Silver. It is a currency that Razer owns, in fact, a token of a new generation. This is not a real cryptocurrency but rather ‘tokens’ that can be spent on purchases on the company website, so a reward made by gamers for gamers.

How Razer Softminer works

Simply launch Razer SoftMiner on your PC and let it do the heavy work. Get started with the sleek software interface and the spectrum of Razer Chroma. For the best mining experience, switch on Auto Mode and mine with an unlimited internet connection.

We highly recommend running SoftMiner on a computer with a GPU like the latest Nvidia GTX or AMD RX series.

Razer Softminer. Is it worth it?

Before answering the question that all the people are asking, let’s give you some numbers and additional information. Razer’s software is in beta and supports up to 5000 users per week. It is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 systems and it is recommended to use it with high-end GPU or, at least, starting from Nvidia GTX 1050 or AMD RX 460. At the base of SoftMiner is the GammaNow engine from Razer’s partner range .

First of all, it must be said that you can earn up to 500 Silver per day according to the official website. Surely this figure was obtained by basing the estimates on 24h of activity and with a high-end PC. The more Razer Silver you earn, the closer you get to redeeming coveted Razer rewards like latest gamers peripherals, games, discount vouchers, and more.

Silver is not a cryptocurrency, but it can be useful for gamers

Razer Silver is not a cryptocurrency, it is a loyalty rewards program. It works with crypto mining technology to harness your computer’s GPU. In turn, it awards you with Silver, giving you access to Razer’s ecosystem and suite of rewards. Once you’ve earned enough Razer Silver, you will be able to redeem Razer peripherals, digital rewards such as games, vouchers and more. View the full suite of rewards here. You may utilize Razer Silver to participate in exclusive events to win limited edition prizes as well.

If you want to download the Razer Silver SoftMiner, you can get it from here: