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Monero number one! Solo GPU and CPU mining is now possible and it’s better than ever

Ethos of Decentralization – Solo GPU/CPU mining is now possible and it’s better than ever! Thanks to u/hyc_symas

(please read the original for all details)

I’m so happy to let all the miners know that not even a month later since the original post:

We have working SOLO miners for AMD, CPU and Nvidia* (*needs testing)

I’ve updated that original post and I’d just briefly like to sum up everything here.

Hyc absolutely delivers!

As of now, thanks to u/hyc_symas we have:

CPU – tested and working

AMD – tested and working

Nvidia – TESTING NEEDED if anyone with nvidia rigs would like to build, test and contribute.

Guys, a lot of hard work went into this. Hyc spent over a week’s worth of hours developing this so that now, YOU, the small/medium miner can easily solo GPU and CPU mine from the comfort of your home or warehouse, and the only requirement is that you run your own full node, point the miners to the node and bam! Works like a charm. Just like that.

It’s really that easy, so please let’s support this great man and awesome dev, ’cause he truly is an invaluable asset to the Monero community as a whole!

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