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Monero is fungible because it is private by default

Monero Resources – Monero has a wide range of resources available


Official Wallet
Open source GUI and command line wallets for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers.

Android-based mobile wallet.

iOS-based wallet for Apple devices.

Decentralized Private Exchanges

P2P Exchange Network.

Buy and sell Monero locally.

Non Decentralized Private Exchanges

Traditional centralized Exchange.

Buy, sell and trade Monero.

Monero Community

All Monero SubReddit.

Monero OutReach

A team of creators, writers, technicians, translators, and visionaries all involved in Monero diffusion.

Monero Forum Funding System

The way for members to get involved and proposals to be funded.

Monero Coffee Chat

All the way to talk about Monero. Easily.

Monero Talk

Reporting on the Crypto Revolution.

Monero Taiga
Discover Monero Projects that you can join.

Monero Development

The official Monero Code Repository.

Monero Research Lab (MRL)

Protecting Your Privacy’s Future.

Monero Developer Meetings

All about the Monero developers meetings.

Monero XMR Address Generator

The Monero XMR Tools Site.

Monero Offline Wallet Generator

The Monero Offline Wallet Generator Site.

Monero FAQs

Monero StackExchange

The Monero StackExchange community.

Monero GUI guide

The Monero GUI (wallet) broken down in plain English.

How to Monero

We believe Monero is the successor to Bitcoin. Read why.

Monero Coin Emission

Useful For Learning About Monero.

Things to Avoid (DANGER) about Monero

Distrusted by the Community. Always do your research before using any product or service.

Monero Stuff

A website all about Monero to help newcomers.

Monero Contribution

Do you want to help and to contribute to the Monero Project?

Developers, marketers, event coordinators, translators, Instagram personalities, meme creators, public speakers — whatever your skills may be, it is extremely likely there is something you can do to assist.

Join the Conversation

We urge you to reach out to the Monero Community on Reddit, IRC, Github, Twitter, Facebook, Mattermost, Slack, or Telegram, and to find your way to contribute to this incredible project.